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Think about the stories that seem to define your life.  Now imagine what your life would be like if it wasn’t defined by those stories.  What if you could replace your feelings of dread, dissatisfaction, and inadequacy with inspiration, fulfillment, and empowerment?  What would you be like?  What might suddenly seem possible for you?  Can you imagine living your life with complete freedom?

In his book, Hairapy: Deeper than the Roots, Michael Blomsterberg has concentrated over two decades of experience into a compassionate and humorous journey to the center of yourself.  Provocative, yet enjoyable chapters peel away at the reasons and methods we use to inhibit ourselves from having our desires, while simultaneously delivering empowerment through self-acceptance. This enjoyable, wise, and insightful book will inspire new beginnings, strengthen your connection to your authentic self, and create limitless possibilities for who you know yourself to be.